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The Texas Hole area is the most popular fishery on the river and is accessed from Highway 511 by a small winding paved road going north near a Catholic Church about 1 1/4 miles below the dam at Navajo Lake. From the community of Navajo Dam the turn off to Texas Hole is about 4.25 miles east of Float 'N Fish via highways 173 and then east on highway 511. The Navajo Lake State Park parking lot at Texas Hole supports a large number of vehicles and has a pay station, 2 Rest Rooms but no drinking water. Foot trails on the south side of the river provide access to Texas Hole (about 300 yards long) going downstream and to the Kiddie Hole and The Braids going upstream.  

This area is an extremely productive and popular fishery with Rainbows being the predominant species, although wild Browns are present also. Water from Navajo Lake has had a chance to warm a little by the time it reaches Texas Hole and this supports a more diverse insect population with increasing numbers of Mayflies along with Midges, Scuds and Aquatic Worms. Before entering Texas Hole the river empties from the Lower Flats into Beaver Flats on the South side and the main channel remaining on the North. Water flowing through Beaver Flats goes into the Braids and then exits into Texas Hole via Audie's Run and Kiddie Hole. This water above Texas Hole is typically shallow and slow but can be very productive allowing sight fishing to fish taking emergers and adults. Kiddie Hole is aptly named, as this has historically been a great place to teach youngsters how to fly fish - usually with success!

The top of Texas Hole has powerful runs entering from both the north and south side of the river. On the north, the main channel rushes into Texas Hole creating a deep hole with current seams and eddies holding fish. On the south side, a less powerful but still significant run enters Texas Hole from Audie's Run and Kiddie Hole. This run also creates deep water, current seams and eddies which attract fish. After entering at the top of Texas Hole, water from the main channel merges with the water from Audie's Run and Kiddie Hole to form a long, fairly slow glide with a fairly smooth surface. This area holds a good fish population and is wadeable in many areas. It is not uncommon for Guides to be working this area in drift boats providing their clients access to large populations of Rainbows and Browns. Drift Boats or Floatation devices are generally necessary to reach fish in deep water in this area.  

The foot trail on the North side of the river is reachable from the Simon Point parking lot but is a fairly long walk through some difficult terrain, as steep cliffs often descend close to the river bank on the north side.  

New Mexico Game and Fish completed a significant stream improvement project to The Braids and Kiddie Hole in Nov - Dec 2012. A "diversion" or "nose" was built at the upstream entrance to this area diverting some of the flow which previously went down the main channel down into The Braids and Kiddie Hole. Structures were built between islands to help route the water to maintain good flows and 21 holes were dug in The Braids to provide depth for fish cover. To manage silt from Rex Smith Wash a siltation basin was built to help remove particulates prior to the silt laden runoff water reaching the river. Early fishing results have been outstanding.  

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