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Years ago, Lefty Kreh explained his basis for rod design. 

"There are three things we can emphasize in rod design at TFO.......Presentation, Distance, and Lifting." 

Presentation involves accuracy and the manner in which the fly and leader land on the water.  Delicacy of presentation may not be a major factor when targeting a species like tuna but it can be all important when tempting trout in a gin-clear stream.  Distance of course, refers to how far you can deliver your offering.  In some situations this may matter little, in others it can spell the difference between success and failure.  Finally, in the fish fighting phase the rod's primary function is related to its lifting power, a critical consideration when a big fish dogs you in the depths. 

Of course, no one rod can perform each of these functions to its maximum potential.  But at TFO our rod series are designed to handle virtually every kind of fishing scenario you are likely to encounter.  By consulting the chart you can easily select a rod that features a mix of functions that is most suitable for the kind of fishing you'll be doing.  You won't be disappointed.

Temple Fork Outfitters
No-Fault Lifetime Warranty

Our No-Fault Warranty is for the life of the original registered owner.  Fill out the on-line registration form at www.templeforkflyrods.com to activate your warranty.  In the event that you break your rod, simply return it with $25 for shipping & handling and we will repair or replace your rod.  Be sure to include your return shipping and contact information.  Normal rod repairs are completed in 1 business day, so you should be back on the water in no time.  This warranty is limited to the blank, on custom TFO rods.
Scott Radian Fly Rod
Sage Radian Fly Rod Radian

Scott Fly Rods Radian Grip A         BScott Fly Rods Radian Grip B
Until now, you’ve had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. But thanks to Scott, those days are over.

Fast and Feel have finally come together.

So, how’d we do it? We dramatically increased recovery speed with our new ReAct technology. By minimizing energy- sapping vibrations, ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod.

Now, roll casts to a tricky seam, and short, delicate casts with fine 6X leaders are just as easy as long distance streamer deliveries to the opposite bank. And after the cast, when you need extended fishability, Radian rods give you incredible mending abilities and tippet protection without sacrificing the authoritative hook setting and fish fighting power you expect from a fast action rod.

But, it’s more than advanced technology that make the Radian so amazing. Check out the components and workmanship. There isn’t a finer production rod in existence. Features like titanium framed SiC stripping guides, custom reel seats with burled box elder spacers, the very top grade Portuguese cork, and the new patented Universal snake guides from American maker Snake Brand round out the most fully loaded rods to ever grace a rod rack.

Each and every Radian is handcrafted start to finish in our shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who know fly rods.

Find out just how satisfying your fishing becomes when you get Fast with Feel, and start fishing a Radian
Model Line Length Grip
R753/4 3 7'6" A
R854/4 4 8'6" A
R904/4 4 9'0" A
R1004/4 4 10'0" A
R905/4 5 9'0" A
905/4W 5 9'0"  
R955/4 5 9'6" A
R1005/4 5 10'0" A
R906/4 6 9'0" B
R906/4/FB 6 9'0" B
R956/4 6 9'6" B
R1006/4 6 10'0" B
R907/4 7 9'0" B
R957/4 7 9'6" B
R1007/4 7 10'0" B
R908/4 8 9'0" B
R908/4W 8 9'0"  
R958/4 8 9'6" B
R1008/4 8 10'0" B
R909/4 9 9'0" B

        Scott Fly Rods Radian Butt Cap
The Scott Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty   

Scott Tidal Series Fly Rod

Scott Fly Rods Tidal Series
Choosing a fly rod to fish the world’s saltwater species clearly isn’t the easy way. It’s the Hard Way. But, for those of us who pursue this challenge, the rewards come from our methods as much as our results.

We designed the Tidal saltwater fly rods to make the challenges a little less, well... challenging. Accurate presentations to cruising fish and good turnover into the wind are now easier than ever. These salt specific rods load quickly, generate high line speed with a relaxed casting stroke, and have ample power to control hard fighting fish.

Like all Scott fly rods, they’re handcrafted start to finish in our Colorado workshop by skilled rod builders using the best materials available. Tidal rods come in models to cover any species or situation you’ll encounter on the flats or open waters.

Take the Tidal series fly rods on your next saltwater adventure. They’ll make the Hard Way a bit easier… and might even make your guide smile, too
Model Line Length
T906/4 6 9'0"
T907/4 7 9'0"
T908/4 8 9'0"
T909/4 9 9'0"
T9010/4 10 9'0"
T9010/4MP 10 9'0"
T9012/4 12 9'0"

        Scott Fly Rods Tidal Fighting Butt

Scott A4 Series Fly Rod
Scott A4 Fly Rod

  L  Scott A4 Grip L         MScott A4 Fly Rod Grip M
Handcrafted from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado by the skilled artisans at Scott, A4 rods feature many of the technological and process innovations in top end Scott rods.

The blanks are designed and rolled with multi-modulus lay ups on compound taper mandrels, and are connected using Scott’s industry leading low mass sleeve ferrule design.

A4 rods are smooth casting rods with a light weight feel. They recover quickly and cast precise loops, yet load progressively and transmit feel extremely well.

Like all Scott rods, design and craftsmanship are more than just blank design. Components and construction were carefully chosen to deliver top performance with the anglers needs in mind.

New grip shapes were turned from Super grade cork to provide greater feel, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods make rigging easy and protect the hardware from harsh elements, and TiCh stripping guides feature SiC inserts.

A4 rods cover a wide variety of fishing situations from small creeks to wide open steelhead and salmon runs
Model Line Length Grip
A4 905/4W 5 9'0"  
A4 753/4 3 7'6" L
A4 803/4 3 8'0" L
A4 804/4 4 8'0" L
A4 854/4 4 8'6" L
A4 904/4 4 9'0" L
A4 1004/4 4 10'0" L
A4 855/4 5 8'6" L
A4 905/4 5 9'0" L
A4 905/4W 5 9'0" L
A4 1005/4 5 10'0" L
A4 906/4 6 9'0" L
A4 956/4 6 9'6" M
A4 1006/4 6 10'0" M
A4 907/4 7 9'0" M
A4 957/4 7 9'6" M
A4 1007/4 7 10'0" M
A4 908/4 8 9'0" M
A4 958/4 8 9'6" M
A4 1008/4 8 10'0" M

 The Scott Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty 

Scott Fly Rods Logo 

The Scott Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty

We design rods for high performance and build them to last a lifetime.  Sometimes things don't go as planned and you break a rod (sometimes even we mess up).  It's for these occasions that we warranty our fly rods and have a dedicated repair department of rod craftsmen. The Scott Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original owner of new graphite and fiberglass rods, purchased from an authorized Scott dealer, that are registered within 30 days of purchase.  Unregistered or resold rods are not covered by this warranty. Rods purchased from third party sites such Ebay are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, loss or damage caused by transportation such as airlines, UPS, FedEx, US Mail, intentional damage, or damage from neglect. Scott guarantees every registered fly rod and blank we craft with a serial number greater than 35,000 (made prior to ~1994). Thread colors may vary from those on the original rod. Discontinued cosmetic options and components may be replaced with their most comparable equivalent.

Sage Logo    Video (mov) - Does this remind you of someone you know?
Sage One Rod

Sage One Rod
 One Rod Video (mp4) - Watch and Listen to Sage Engineers discussing the One Rod

Accuracy Redefined

Hand crafted from our Konnetic technology three long years in the making, the ONE rod is a game changer. Your game. It will alter the very way you approach new challenges on the water, knowing with certainty even the most difficult cast can be made with pinpoint accuracy. Like threading a cast between two overhanging branches to that territorially dominant glutton across the river, who won’t be so smug when you put the fly on his doorstep. Dramatically lighter and livelier, quick and responsive in the hand with excellent tracking qualities due its efficient energy transfer, casts become intuitive and natural, always landing where your eye is looking. You don’t think about the cast so much as you simply make the cast. There’s a lot of technology packed into that oh-so-light rod you’re holding, but we know all you really care about is heading upstream to find another fish begging not to be caught.

Sage One Rod

  The Sage Lifetime Warranty

376-4 ONE A 7'6" 3 25 1/2 2  5/16
390-4 ONE A 9'0" 3 30 2 3/8
486-4 ONE A 8'6" 4 28 1/2 2  7/16
490-4 ONE A 9'0" 4 30 2 1/2
496-4 ONE A 9'6" 4 31 1/2 2 7/8
4100-4 ONE A 10'0" 4 33 3
586-4 ONE A 8'6" 5 28 1/2 2  9/16
590-4 ONE A 9'0" 5 30 2 3/4
596-4 ONE A 9'6" 5 31 1/2 2 15/16
5100-4 ONE A 10'0" 5 33 3  1/16
690-4 ONE A 9'0" 6 30 2 7/8
691-4 ONE B 9'0" 6 30 3
696-4 ONE A 9'6" 6 31 1/2 3  1/16
697-4 ONE B 9'6" 6 31 1/2 3 1/4
6100-4 ONE A 10'0" 6 33 3 3/8
6101-4 ONE B 10'0" 6 33 3 1/2
790-4 ONE B 9'0" 7 30 3  7/16
796-4 ONE B 9'6" 7 31 1/2 3  9/16
7100-4 ONE B 10'0" 7 33 3 13/16
890-4 ONE B 9'0" 8 30 3 1/2
896-4 ONE B 9'6" 8 31 1/2 3 11/16
8100-4 ONE B 10'0" 8 33 3 15/16
990-4 ONE B 9'0" 9 30 3 3/4
1090-4 ONE C 9'0" 10 30 4  3/16
1190-4 ONE C 9'0" 11 30 4 3/4
1290-4 ONE C 9'0" 12 30 4 7/8

• Fast action
 • Konnetic technology construction
 • Black Ice shaft color, with black primary thread wraps and bronze trim wraps
 • Fuji ceramic stripper guides • Hard chromed snake guides • High grade, custom tapered, shaped cork handle
• Walnut wood insert and golden bronze colored aluminum anodized reel seat components on 3-weight through 6-weight with a snub nose, half-wells grip
• Saltwater capable weights 6-10 have an all golden bronze colored aluminum anodized reel seat and full-wells handle with fighting butt
• Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

Sage Circa Rod
Sage Circa Rod

   Circa Rod Video (mp4) - Watch and Listen to Sage Engineers discussing the Circa Rod

rod with Konnetic technology is a game changer in the slow-action style of dry fly fishing. Its hypnotically smooth slower tempo combined with crisp and precise loading and unloading of each cast results in unmatched accuracy and delicate presentations. The CIRCA is a perfect addition to your rod collection, allowing you to approach a river with stealthy, short-range accuracy. 

  The Sage Lifetime Warranty

279-4 CIRCA A 7' 9" 2 26 1/4 2
379-4 CIRCA A 7' 9" 3 26 1/4 2  1/16
389-4 CIRCA A 8' 9" 3 29 1/2 2 1/4
479-4 CIRCA A 7' 9" 4 26 1/4 2 1/8
489-4 CIRCA A 8' 9" 4 29 1/2 2 3/8
589-4 CIRCA A 8' 9" 5 29 1/2 2 1/2


Konnetic Technology®,  Advanced slow action,  Green Tea blank color,  Olive thread wraps with Slate trim wraps,  Fuji ceramic stripper guides,  Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top,  Vera wood insert and polished Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat,  Super Plus snub-nose, half-wells cork handle,  Black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold logo and model tag.
 Compact 1 5/8" Desert Gold powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

Sage Grace Rod
Sage Grace Rod

 The GRACE rod is the next generation pink rod offering from Sage and is available exclusively in an 8’6", 5 weight model which features all new cosmetics. A portion of the sale of each GRACE rod will go to Casting for Recovery; a non-profit organization dedicated to giving women powerful tools to overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

  The Sage Lifetime Warranty
Fast action with a soft feel Pink iridescent blank Hard chrome snake guides Pink primary thread wraps with black trim Pink aluminum reel seat Pink ballistic cloth rod tube
$50 Sage donation to Casting for Recovery

Sage Logo     

The Sage Lifetime Warranty

Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage series reel is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty. This warranty is limited to repair and replacement of the rod, blank or reel and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. This warranty does not cover fire, theft, missing rod sections, intentional breakage, modification or customization of the finished rod, or damage during the assembly of a blank into a finished rod. Warranty coverage on Sage blanks does not extend to any custom work or components added to the blanks. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Sage reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Sage Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts. The lifetime, original owner warranty applies to rods with a serial # beginning with the letter "M" and higher, including all double letters (i.e. AA, AB, and AC). Rods with serial #'s beginning with the single letters "A - L" (generally manufactured prior to 1995) have an original owner lifetime guarantee against any defect in materials or workmanship. Any of these series of rods that fail due to misuse, negligence or normal wear-and-tear will be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost. The serial # may be found on the rod directly opposite the Sage logo. 

PLEASE NOTE: Sage blanks are not serialized. Warranty coverage on rods built from Sage blanks is limited to the blank only.

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO)
Model Line Length Pieces Weight  
TF 03 80 4 B 3 Wt. 8' 4 2.4 oz  
TF 04 86 4 B 4 Wt. 8' 6" 4 2.7 oz  
TF 04 10 4 B 4 Wt. 10' 4 2.9 oz  
TF 05 86 4 B 5 Wt. 8' 6" 4 2.8 oz  
TF 05 90 4 B 5 Wt. 9' 4 2.9 oz  
TF 05 90 5 B* 5 Wt. 9' 5 3.0 oz  
TF 05 10 4 B 5 Wt. 10' 4 3.2 oz  
TF 06 90 4 B 6 Wt. 9' 4 3.0 oz  
TF 06 90 5 B* 6 Wt. 9 5 3.2 oz  
TF 06 91 4 B 6 Wt. 9' 4 3.2 oz  
TF 06 96 4 B 6 Wt. 9'6" 4 3.2 oz  
TF 07 90 4 B 7 Wt. 9' 4 3.1 oz  
TF 07 96 4 B 7 Wt. 9'6" 4 3.4 oz  
TF 08 90 4 B 8 Wt. 9' 4 3.2 oz  
TF 08 90 5 B* 8 Wt. 9' 5 3.4 oz  
TF 09 90 4 B 9 Wt. 9' 4 4.3 oz  
TF 10 90 4 B 10 Wt. 9' 4 4.5 oz  
Conversion Kit
TF 03 10 5 B 3 Wt. 10' 5 2.4oz  
* Case Included

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
A finely tuned instrument, lightweight and highly responsive.

That's what the experts are saying about our new BVK series of fly rods.  Engineered to the highest performance standards, the BVK utilizes new materials that dramatically reduce weight while creating an aggressive blend of power and strength.  The result is amazing performance and an incredible price.  BVK rods are fast action rods designed to excel in Presentation and Distance.  The rich translucent olive blanks are topped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, our exclusive Tactical Series Stripping Guides, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides and flor grade grips that are comfortably contoured and uniquely contrasted.  The new 3-weight conversion kit changes your 8' 3-weight BVK into a 10' Czech nymph/ dry fly rod for the ultimate in on-stream versitility.  Available in 3 - 10 weight. 

"I've dedicated the last year to designing the BVK rods, they are everything I hoped for.  You can't beat the performance, and you sure can't beat the price."
Lefty Kreh

"Working with Lefty on the design of the BVK family of rods has taught me all that I never knew about rod design.  What has become such a treat for me is bound to become the same for BVK owners!  Grab one and see how much trouble you can get into!"

Flip Pallot


Model Line Length Pieces Weight  
TF 05 89 4 X 5 Wt. 8' 9" 4 4.8 oz  
TF 06 89 4 X 6 Wt. 8' 9" 4 5.2 oz  
TF 07 89 4 X 7 Wt. 8' 9" 4 5.3 oz  
TF 08 89 4 X 8 Wt. 8' 9" 4 5.5 oz  
TF 09 89 4 X 9 Wt. 8' 9" 4 5..6 oz  
TF 10 89 4 X 10 Wt 8' 9" 4 5.7 oz  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
Whether you are casting PMD cripples to rising trout or stalking bonefish on your favorite flat, the Clouser Series rods will exceed all of your expectations.  One glance at the Clouser's narrow profile and you realize that this series was engineered for extreme castability.  "This design allows the rods to load with ease while permitting precise control over their loop size and presentation.  Even more remarkable is the Clouser Series' ability to cast heavily-weighted and wind-resistant flies.  Sling your favorite streamers with confidence - no more ducking! 

Our proprietary use of titanium and chromium remove vibration and significantly reduces impact damage.  Clouser rods utilize oversized titanium oxide stripping guides and chromium impregnated stainless steel snake guides.  The Clouser Series utilizes Lefty's rod weight designation system and color-coded alignment dots for easy identification and assembly.  Flor grade cork and burled accent rings finish out the rod, making it attractive and durable as well.

"For years I have been looking for a multi-species fly rod that puts "the ease" in casting weighted flies and sinking fly lines.  Temple Fork Outfitters answered this challenge by developing The Clouse Series of Fly Rods.  Anglers that use weighted flies or split shot should find this series ideal.  Dry fly fishers will also benefit from the rods ability to deliver tight loops and specialty casts required to present the fly.  Light in the hand and super sensitive.....I can feel them breathing on the fly as they inhale it."
Bob Clouser


Model Line Length Pieces Weight
TF 05 90 4 A 5 Wt. 9' 4 3.9 oz  
TF 06 90 4 A 6 Wt 9' 4 5.3 oz  
TF 07 90 4 A 7 Wt. 9' 4 5.4 oz  
TF 08 90 4 A 8 Wt 9' 4 5.5 oz  
TF 09 90 4 A 9 Wt 9' 4 6.0 oz  
TF 10 90 4 A 10 Wt 9' 4 6.2 oz  

Blanks are available for this rod series for Rod Builders.

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
"Wow!  That may be the smoothest casting rod I've ever thrown." 

Imagine our excitement at Lefty and Ed's response to these rods.  Axiom Series rods are the quickest responding rods in our line-up.  They excel at distance casting, but their unique construction makes them deadly at close range as well.  The breadth of their casting range makes them an indispensable addition to every angler's arsenal.

Through a proprietary process, Kevlar is applied within the carbon fiber pre-preg.  This patented design reduces the ovaling effect a blank experiences under load, creating an exceptionally smooth and powerful rod with remarkable damping qualities.  The result is ultra high line speed with crisp, clean, accurate loops.  TFO's Axiom series features a rich translucent blue blank with gold script and accents, Flor grade cork with decorative burl rings, gun metal blue up-locking reel seat and oversized stripping guides with gold titanium oxide inserts. 

"I think of the Axiom rods as "Launch Pads" because their incredibly smooth power delivery literally rockets the line out on its flight path.  To achieve maximum line acceleration, these rods are designed to effect a complete stop at the conclusion of the casting stroke with virtually no remaining vibration.  The result is a smooth, shock-free line trajectory."
Nick Curcione

TiCr X

Model Line Length Pieces Weight  
TF 05 90 4 X 5 Wt. 9' 4 3.7 oz  
TF 06 90 4 Xlt 6 Wt. 9' 4 3.8 oz  
The TiCr X models below feature a fighting butt, those above do not.  
TF 06 90 4 X 6 Wt. 9' 4 4.8 oz  
TF 07 90 4 X 7 Wt. 9' 4 5.1 oz  
TF 08 90 4 X 8 Wt. 9' 4 5.4 oz  
TF 09 90 4 X 9 Wt. 9' 4 5.6 oz  
TF 10 90 4 X 10 Wt. 9' 4 5.6 oz  
TF 12 90 4 X 12 Wt. 9' 4 6.3 oz  
Conversion Kit
TF 7/8 113 5 X 7/8 Wt. 11'3" 2 6.23 oz  
The TF 09 90 4 X, TF 10 90 4X and TF 12 90 4 X can be ordered with a Foregrip Butt Section

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
"WOW!!!  This rod throws a line as flat as a billiard table with a loop you can throw through a sceen door.  I would certainly rate this as one of the very best eight rods I have ever cast.  For anyone who likes a fast action rod - this does it in spades."
Lefty Kreh

Temple Fork TiCr X rods are handsomely finished in a rich blue blank color, flor grade cork and an aluminum reel seat with a cushioned reel hood.  Rods equipped with a fighting butt also have a channel lock sliding rear hood with double locking rings and feature full wells grips.  Oversized titanium oxide stripping guides start with a #20 on the 6, 7 and 8 and #24 on the 9 weight through 12 weight.  The 4, 5 and 6 (lt) weight have a reversed half wells grip, single up locking ring and a matte black graphite insert.  All weights have color coded alignment dots. 

Finesse Series

Model Line Length Pieces Weight  
TF 01 69 4 F 1 Wt. 6' 9" 4 2.4 oz  
TF 02 73 4 F 2 Wt. 7' 3" 4 2.5 oz  
TF 03 79 4 F 3 Wt. 7' 9" 4 2.8 oz  
TF 03 89 4 F 3 Wt. 8' 9" 4 3.1 oz  
TF 04 79 4 F 4 Wt. 7' 9" 4 2.8 oz  
TF 04 89 4 F 4 Wt. 8' 9" 4 3.1 oz  
TF 05 79 4 F 5 Wt. 7' 9" 4 2.9 oz  
TF 05 89 4 F 5 Wt. 8' 9" 4 3.1 oz  
TF 06 89 4 F 6 Wt. 8' 9" 4 3.3 oz  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
"Lefty Kreh Finesse rods complement the TFO line by offering a more 'traditional' taper and action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines.  These are ideal rods for meadow streams, limestone creeks, and springcreeks.  TFO tailored these rods for smooth, accurate and delicate presentations and they roll cast like a dream.  Lefty Kreh Finesse rods are handsomely appointed with Rosewood inserts on an up locking reel seat which nicely accentuates the deep olive finish."
Ed Jaworoski

Professional Series

Model Line Length Pieces Weight
TF 02 80 3 P 2 Wt. 8' 3 3.0 oz.
TF03 76 4 P 3 Wt. 7' 6" 4 3.0 oz
TF 03 86 4 P 3 Wt. 8' 6" 4 3.2 oz
TF 04 80 4 P 4 Wt. 8' 4 3.2 oz
TF 04 86 4 P 4 Wt. 8' 6" 4 3.3 oz
TF 04 90 4 P 4 Wt. 9' 4 3.4 oz
TF 05 76 4 P 5 Wt. 7' 6" 4 3.2 oz
TF 05 86 4 P 5 Wt. 8' 6" 4 3.7 oz
TF 05 90 4 P 5 Wt. 9' 4 3.8 oz
TF 05 90 6 P 5 Wt. 9' 6 4.2 oz.
TF 05 96 4 P 5 Wt. 9' 6" 4 3.8 oz
TF 05 10 4 P 5 Wt. 10' 4 4.2 oz.
TF 06 90 4 P 6 Wt. 9' 4 3.8 oz
TF 06 90 6 P 6 Wt. 9' 6 4.2 oz
The Professional Series models below feature a fighting butt, those above do not.  
TF 07 90 4 P 7 Wt. 9' 4 4.3 oz
TF 07 10 4 P 7 Wt. 10' 4 5.0 oz
TF 08 90 4 P 8 Wt. 9' 4 4.4 oz
TF 08 90 6 P 8 Wt. 9' 6 5.2 oz
TF 08 96 4 P 8 Wt. 9' 6" 4 4.8 oz.
TF 08 10 4 P 8 Wt. 10' 4 5.4 oz
TF 09 90 4 P 9 Wt. 9' 4 4.5 oz
TF 09 10 4 P 9 Wt. 10' 4 5.6 oz
TF 10 90 4 P 9 Wt. 9' 4 4.6 oz

The TF 04 90 4 P, TF 05 90 4 P, TF 06 90 4 P, TF 07 90 4 P, TF 08 90 4 P, TF 09 90 4 P and TF 10 90 4 P are available as blanks for Rod Builders.

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty

The Lefty Kreh Professional Series communicates exactly what it wants you to do.  The load and the moment of turn over is transmitted seamlessly to the angler."
Wanda Taylor
FFF Master Casting Instructor

With 24 models available, from a delicate 2 weight to our popular 10 weight, the Professional Series rods have taken TFO's reputation to new levels.  These medium fast action rods with a progressive taper are smooth casting and powerful, yet forgiving.  They are an incredible value.  Lefty says these are the perfect rods for all anglers and all skill levels.  

"I can't imagine a better buy in a four-piece rod that will deliver such a fast, smooth cast."
Lefty Kreh

Cosmetics include matte black finished blanks with a subtle gold logo.  Every rod features alignment dots color coded by line weight, premium grade cork, and oversized stripping guides.  Four piece rods come in a TFO rod sock;  six piece rods include a rod case. 

Signature Series

Model Line Length Pieces Weight  
TF 02 60 2 2 Wt. 6' 2 2.4 oz  
TF 03 76 2 3 Wt. 7' 6" 2 2.9 oz  
TF 04 80 2 4 Wt. 8' 2 3.0 oz  
TF 04 86 2 4 Wt. 8' 6" 2 3.1 oz  
TF 05 86 2 5 Wt. 8' 6" 2 3.2 oz  
TF 05 90 2 5 Wt. 9' 2 3.7 oz.  
TF 06 86 2 6 Wt. 8' 6" 2 3.8 oz.  
TF 06 90 2 6 Wt. 9' 2 3.9 oz  
The Signature Series models below feature a fighting butt, those above do not.  
TF 07 90 2 7 Wt. 9' 2 4.1 oz  
TF 08 90 2 8 Wt. 9' 2 4.2 oz  
TF 09 90 2 9 Wt. 9' 2 4.3 oz  
TF 10 90 2 10 Wt. 9' 2 4.7 oz  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
Not too long ago this incredibly smooth, affordable two-piece rod would have cost several times as much."
Lefty Kreh

Signature Series rods offer astounding performance from a medium fast action rod.  This is a perfect first fly rod with performance that will impress even a master fly caster.  It features an up locking aluminum reel seat, AA grade cork, oversized stripping guides and a beautiful translucent green blank finish.

NXT Fly Rod Kits

Model Line Length Pieces  
TF NXT 4/5 4/5 Wt. 8' 6" 4  
TF NXT 5/6 5/6 Wt. 9' 4  
The NXT kits below feature a fighting butt, those above do not.  
TF NXT 8/9 8/9 Wt. 9' 4  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
NXT Outfits are what the beginning fly caster should demand from the industry.  They are a high performance fly rod combination package that will flatten the learning curve, making it easier and more rewarding to become an active participant in this sport of a lifetime.  All rod outfits include a matching NXT cast aluminum disc drag reel, spooled with line, leader and backing, and a rod and reel carrying case.  Like all Templefork rods, these come with a lifetime warranty.

Mini Mag

Model Line Length Pieces Weight Grain Weight  
TF MINI 6/8 6-8 Wt. 8' 3 5.0 oz 200-300  
TF MINI 8/10 8-10 Wt. 8' 3 5.4 oz 300-400  

Model Line Length Pieces Weight
TF MINI 6/8 KIT 8 8' 3 Prism CLA 7/8  
TF MINI 8/10 KIT 10 8' 3 Prism CLA 9/11  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty

The Mini Mag rods are powerful fishing tools.  Their ability to deliver short, accurate casts makes them the perfect rod for tossing hairbugs into the lily pads for bass or flipping streamers under the mangroves for tarpon and snook.  The Mini Mag's unique blend of unidirectional S-Glass and high-modulus graphite translates into exceptional lifting power and superb casting ability.  The rods also go through out Ti Cr coating process twice adding power and durability. 

A polished blue marble finish, up-locking reel seat, flor grade full wells cork grip, and oversized stripping and snake guides make these rods stunning pieces of equipment.  Mini Mag Kits include a TFO Prism reel (7/8 or 9/11) rigged with a matching WF floating fly line, leader and backing all packed neatly into a rod and reel carrying case. 

Bug Launcher

Model Line Length Pieces Weight
TF BL 4/5 4/5 Wt. 7' 2 2.9 oz  
TF BL 5/6 5/6 Wt. 8' 2 3.2 oz  
Bug Launcher Kits
TF BL KIT 4/5 Wt. 4/5 Wt. 7' 2 2.9 oz  
TF BL KIT 5/6 Wt. 5/6 Wt. 8' 2 3.2 oz  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty

Who inspired you to pick up a fly rod?  Chances are it was a parent, your favorite uncle, or a close friend that helped you throw your first tailing loop with great pride.  You probably landed your first fish on a hand-me-down rod with a missing guide and a doctored tip.  If it is time to pass your knowledge on to others, Temple Fork Outfitters has the perfect rod to hand down.  The Bug Launchers are made from general graphite, so they are incredibly durable.  They feature smaller diameter compressed cork grips and a candy apple blank with a bright yellow logo.  Bug Launcher Kits include a TFO NXT I reel rigged with a matching WF floating fly line, leader and backing all packed neatly into a rod and reel carrying case. 

Casting For Recovery
Model Line Length Pieces Weight
TF 05 86 4 CFR 5 Wt. 8' 6" 4 3.6 oz  
TF 08 90 4 CFR 8 Wt. 9' 4 4.4 oz  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
Through the combined efforts of Wanda Taylor, Donna Teeny and Lefty Kreh, Temple Fork Outfitters has created two unique fly rods built specifically to benefit "Casting for Recovery";  an 8' 6" 5 weight and a 9' 8 Weight.  CFR rods are built on translucent purple blanks with pink lettering inscribed with the words "Supporting Casting For Recovery & Hope" with a distinctive pink rod sock.  A $25 contribution will be made to Casting For Recovery for every CFR rod that is purchased through an authorized TFO dealer. 

Reel Recovery
TFO Reel Recovery Rod

Model Line Length Pieces Weight
TF 05 90 4 RR 5 Wt. 9' 4 3.6 oz  

TFO No-Fault Lifetime Warranty
Reel Recovery is an organization helping men in the cancer recovery process by introducing them to the healing powers of the sport of fly-fishing, while providing a safe, supportive environment to explore their personal experiences of cancer with others who share their stories.  TFO is proud to support Reel Recovery by offering a new 9' 5 Weight Reel Recovery special edition rod.  The rod is translucent moss green finished with the gold Reel Recovery logo.  A $25 contribution will be made to Reel Recovery for every RR rod that is purchased through an authorized TFO dealer. 

Temple Fork Outfitters
No-Fault Lifetime Warranty

Our No-Fault Warranty is for the life of the original registered owner.  Fill out the on-line registration form at www.templeforkflyrods.com to activate your warranty.  In the event that you break your rod, simply return it with $25 for shipping & handling and we will repair or replace your rod.  Be sure to include your return shipping and contact information.  Normal rod repairs are completed in 1 business day, so you should be back on the water in no time.  This warranty is limited to the blank, on custom TFO rods.

TFO Rod Warranty Registration