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Rio Gold Floating Line
Rio Gold Fly Line  
RIO Gold

The RIO Gold is the ultimate all-round floating line for freshwater fly fishing. Revolutionary design that allows for incredible loop stability at distance
Unique taper that allows a rod to load at close range
Perfect presentation of flies between #22 and #2   

Rio Streamer Tip F/S Fly Line 
Rio Streamertip Fly Line

RIO's StreamerTip line has been designed to throw all size of streamers with exceptional ease.
10 ft clear tip is perfect for stripping streamers
Aggressive front taper will turn over the heaviest conehead muddlers and bunny leeches Short 30 ft head ensures fast, one-shot casts, ideal for fishing out of a drift boat   

Rio Lake Sinking Line
Rio Sub-Surface Fly Line  
The most incredibly advanced sub-surface lines ever made. RIO’s new InTouch CamoLux line is the most incredible intermediate line ever made. Built on the ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, and featuring a unique hang marker 13 ft from the front end, the line is loaded with assets that helps anglers catch more fish. An ultra-cool, clear camo color ensures fish do not spook even in the clearest of water, and with a sink rate of 1.5 to 2 ips, this line is a fish catching machine.  Ultra-low stretch core for maximum sensitivity Hang Marker helps indicate when to cast  

Rio Grand Trout Series
Rio Rio Grand Trout Series Fly Line
Designed for the modern, fast-action fly rod. The RIO Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard, and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods. The line has a short head that is easy to cast, and is built with "MaxCast" Technology, RIO's ultra-sophisticated line coating that actively repels water for higher floatation, longer casts and greater durability.

The RIO Grand is the best choice of line for the modern, fast action fly rod.  Front loaded, short head A full line size heavier to easily load fast rod

Built with a supple, coldwater core and coating
Welded loops on both ends 

Rio Grand Trout LT Series
Rio Rio Grand Trout LT Series Line
The ultimate line for dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations. The double taper Trout LT features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations. This extra supple line is built with weight distributed towards the back of the line to aid in making easy roll and single handed spey casts. The line features "MaxFloat Tip" - RIO's proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular floating lines, and is perfect for fishing dry flies, nymphs and emergers. 

Long front taper for the softest in presentation Rear loaded weight for easy roll and single handed spey casting

Built with a super supple, coldwater core and coating
000F-0F do not include loops