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Bench Adjustment Screws
A set of 4 replacement screws for all Clackacraft bench seats.

Bow Drop Anchor Bracket
The ClackaCraft bow drop is designed as an alternative to the rear anchor drop when an outboard motor is bolted to the boat in place of the normal anchor drop. The bow drop anchor is also beneficial when you want to drop both a front and rear anchor.  The rope cleat is self contained on the bow drop, but can be operated from the oarsman position by lining up the rope in the rope cleat. Once the rope is lined up in the rope cleat, the weight of the anchor will jam the rope in the cleat.

Breakdown Oar
Carlisle 9' Breakdown Oar
3 piece to fit under rower's seat in most drift boats
An extra oar is required by some states on rivers and lakes

Drain Plug
1 inch Clackacraft drift boat drain plug.

Deluxe Swivel Seat
Clackacraft passenger seat, fits all Clackacraft models.

Replacement Hinges
Replacement Hinges for Storage and Pedestal Boxes

Oar Lock
Standard Oar Lock, fits most drift boats

Oar Tip Cover
Oar Tip Cover, fits most wooden oars

By Order Only

33 Gram Manual Inflatable Belt Pack Series
Rearm kits can only be shipped via UPS Ground.
Lifejacket provides 33.7 pounds of buoyancy when inflated by the CO2 cylinder
Durable nylon shell for abrasion resistance
Exclusive Secumar 401 inflator with single point indicator
Quick and reliable manual CO2 inflation by pulling lanyard or by oral tube
Cylinder seal indication allows you to see at a glance if your inflatable is ready for use Worn comfortably around waist
Heavy-duty adjustable waist belt and torso slide straps for a custom fit
One size fits adults over 90 lbs with chest sizes 30" - 52"
Requires second stage donning Inflatable

Adult Flotation
Size Chest In. UNIVERSAL 30-52
Fits adults over 90 lbs.

Life jackets are great for day sailing, paddlesports, hunting, recreational boating, or fishing
Lifejackets have reliable, manual CO2 inflation allows you to shoose when to inflate Uses rearming kit #0932
Type III US Coast Guard Approved
Made in China
Rearming Kit #0932 

Rearming Kit for Manual Inflatable Belt Pack
Contain 33 gram CO² cylinder with cylinder seal indicator and rearming instructions 

16 Gram Manual Inflatable Belt Pack Series
Rearm kits can only be shipped via UPS Ground.
Compact waist belt design allows for comfort without obstruction
15.5 pounds of minimum buoyancy
Quick, reliable manual CO2 inflation allows choice for when to inflate
Clear window provides visual arming status of mechanism
Adjustable neck strap provides for second stage donning to improve flotation stability

Adult Flotation
Size Chest In.

Uses rearming kit #0925
Type V US Coast Guard Approved with Type III Performance
Made in China

16 Gram Manual Sportsman Inflatable Chest Pak
Plastic coil retractor with fold down foam insert for storing flies and is a convenient work station
Zippered chest pocket & handwarmer pocket
Nylon shell with neoprene back
Adjustable head & neck support
Type III Performance Rearming Kit #0925
Made in China

Adult Flotation
Size Chest In. UNIVERSAL 30-52
Fits adults over 90 lbs.